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Welcome to you Website.

Congratulations. The installation of you Papoo [1] edition is successfully completed. You can use the accessible CMS Papoo [1] now.

This content here you can edit in the administration under the menu items content/startpage-content. There can you also edit the standard metadata and the sitetitle of you page.


If you have questions about your brandnew Papoo [1] System you are welcome in our community Board [2]. We have a special English Board for English speaking people.

Additionaly we have for our Papoo [1] Plus, Pro and Business customers the possibility to ask us via E-Mail and Phone with our Hotline.

If you have more questions like about an individual Design or special programming requests, please let us know. Call us +49 2204 308 88 265 in Germany.



The Base of our CSS Designs ist the CSS Framework YAML, please consider the Licence [3] and further informations [localhost/versionen/302/papoo_pro_302/index.php?menuid=6&reporeid=6].


If you want an individual Design oder an Overview about the existing Papoo [1] Designs or an Overview what we have done so far for our customers please visit our Designpage [5].

Good success with your [1] Papoo [1] CMS System!



Carsten Euwens,

Papoo [1] Software




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